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About Us

It all started with an idea to connect people and environment. Living in
a ‘box’ and being surrounded by plastic and synthetic materials, we
wanted to bring more natural elements into our lives. So we decided
to think “outside the box” and start with, what we believe, is one
of the most warm and natural materials: wood. We make the most out
of it for you!

To take our “outside the box” thinking to the next level, we also give
something back to the Earth. We donate 1% of our monthly revenue
to the “One Tree Planted.” Existing since 2014, is actively operating
in all parts of the world. Their powerful and empowering motto:
“One Dollar, One Tree.” Planting trees is such a simple and effective
way to make an impact. Trees clean the air we breathe and water we
drink while providing a habitat for biodiversity, stabilizing the climate,
and create sustainable jobs. By planting and protecting them, we lay
the foundation for our future together!  

We are Wudlab, a small but motivated company, and we’re willing to go
an extra mile to satisfy you and provide you with a real Wudlab experience.
So if there is anything we can do for you, please just let us know.


Monthly Wudlab donates 1% of our revenue to the good cause “One Tree Planted”.
Existing since 2014 with a powerful motto “One dollar, one tree”,
it is actively operating in all parts of the world.
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